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Riani Rattan

Handwoven premium rattan items for luxurious
Produced sustainably in Indonesia.

For millennia, the indigenous peoples of Kalimantan have been producing rattan pieces from locally grown vines using methods that have been passed down through many generations.


Some of these quality vines are then processed and crafted by the islanders of Lombok for their day to day needs. This is a skill harnessed and developed into handicrafts appreciated across the seas for their unique patterns and durability. 


Our Products Are Weather Tested

Our products have been tested through humidity and sun, making them ideal for your beachside villa and yachts.


Style Your Rattan Products

Find the products you need to match  the interior design of your space.


Where does
our rattan
come from?

The vines used to produce rattan are grown in Kalimantan's natural forests and are collected in a way that does not damage the sustainability of the ecosystem. 


No chemicals are used during the harvesting of the rattan vines, which are naturally treated before being hand-woven into bespoke pieces.

Rattan products age gracefully over a long period of time - as we all aspire to.


Who made
our products?

Our products are skillfully hand-woven by the women of Lombok. Being a part of an empowering support network and advocate for fair trade, Riani Rattan works alongside the crafters to ensure the highest quality of each product is made to cater to the needs of high-end hospitality providers.


With the opportunities provided to the crafters of Lombok by purchases through Riani Rattan, profits will be used to contribute towards children’s schools and weaving classes for women.



Indigo Collection

Embracing Nature's Timeless Symphony: Introducing our Captivating New Indigo Collection, Harmonizing Rattan's Beauty with the Elegance of Natural Dye!

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